Tully Flutes will go as far as you do.


Non-traditional tradition

I began with a common approach: a cylinderical headjoint with a tapered body. Version after version, I made small changes until the sound, response, durablilty, weight, feel, appearance and usability brought to life the kind of flute that I want to play.

Perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of my flute is the construction method. Many of the age-old techniques for flutemaking have carried over into the construction of the Tully Flute. Lathe, drills, files, sandpaper... they're all at home in my shop. A new addition, however, has revolutionized my approach: a 3D printer. First, I create a 3-dimensional computer model. Then that model is printed in my shop. Finally, each piece is machined, hand finished, and voiced.



Is purple with sterling silver rings your thing?
I can do that.

Traditional black? Yep! That, too!

Available Body Colors: light wood, black, and a rainbow of colors.

Available Ring Materials: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and a rainbow of colors.

Physical Accommodations: Standard options include, a left handed head or rotated 3rd finger holes. If you have other needs, I may be able to help.

Just place your name on the waiting list and when your order comes up, I will contact you to find out what your dream flute looks like.

Signature Model

At this time, my signature model is available only through the auctions. Signature models include a Tully inlay to compliment the rings. Standard models have the Tully logo with no inlay.


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